Welcome! The Center for Digital Literacy at Syracuse University is pleased to present WebCHECK: The Website Evaluation Instrument (aka WebCHECK), funded by an Institute of Museum and Library Services SPARKS! Ignition Grant. WebCHECK is a series of instruments that were designed for educators, Web designers and students to assess Web sites they use for assignments and projects. There are several instruments that can be used by K-12 students as well as WebCHECK Professional for educators and Web designers. WebCHECK Facilitator is designed for K-12 educators and administrators and higher education faculty to use when assigning a single Web site to be evaluated by groups or classes of students or by educators in a professional development workshop.


WebCHECK is based on a foundation of instructional design and motivation theory, is free, fun and easy-to-use, and generates a full evaluation report to share results. This site also features a collection of lesson plans that can be used with WebCHECK to teach information skills. Click on the menu below to access the WebCHECK Instruments for individual use, WebCHECK for Facilitators, or Lesson Plans created by practitioners who have used WebCHECK.










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